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Toad In The Hole


I learned a few years ago that this recipe comes from Italy. Most British people assume it's local, due to the Yorkshire Pudding base. When we learned that, we tried it with a mild Italian sausage and never looked back. But you can use a wide variety of different sausages, try Bangers or Lincolnshire or Bratwurst. So long as it's a coarse texture, it'll turn out fine. 


Wish I had a penny for the number of times I've been told that Yorkshire pudding batter is difficult. Well, it isn't. It's 4 ingredients, and you don't even need to weigh anything. Here in the New World they measure by volume (cup measures) mostly, and this batter is a dream because it's equal parts.

So get a measuring jug. Put your eggs in. Start with eggs up to to 2 cup mark, then you need flour to the same line, and milk to the same line. Pour each into the mixing bowl in that order. So............

Eggs first, then flour. Beat well. You'll get a goopy mix that looks a lot like scrambled eggs.



Now add the same amount of milk as each of these, slowly, beating as you go. You only get lumps if you add it too fast.


If you don't rush it, it'll come out perfectly smooth, like pancake batter. It's very similar. Now add a good pinch of salt.


Cover the batter and just let it sit on the side. Some sort of magic happens while it rests, probably to do with the gluten, don't ask me, but it's better if it rests a while, which is a good enough reason to do it.. Now, arrange your sausages in a pan, or pans, with space between them, and bake them until browned, then turn the heat up to 230C

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