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Image show some custom items in progress. Can we put your image on a hard item? Yes, we can. We use several different methods, depending on your needs. All are permanent and will withstand average wear and tear (some are not dishwasher safe, you'll be warned!) Because of the methods we use it won't come out pixelated or with faded colours (you can buy those from cheaper shops!) so if it's your own artwork rest assured the colours will be vibrant and correct. Ceramic tiles in foreground are in a pink glitter blend. The glitter is trapped behind a clear epoxy finish so it won't go anywhere. These are fun as accent tiles, but imagine a whole bathroom blinged like that! They make great coasters too. But here's the best part, a set of 4 custom 4"ceramic tiles is only $25. Yes really. See? This custom thing isn't as painful as you thought it would be!

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