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They said "you can't turn your crafting hobby into a viable business". Well we did. We are a mother and daughter team who love to make beautiful and fun things. But we can't keep them all, and besides we like sharing the happiness around. Opening our website is very exciting because we can show the whole world what we do. So what do we do? Well, our main line of work is graphic design and currently the biggest part of that is apparel, but we have no limits really. If you'd like personalised chainsaws or a name collar for your pet pig, we are the people to ask. What's special about us? Several things really. First and foremost we are artists. So when we say original design, we mean it. That's why anything is possible. Secondly, we are really quick to come up with solutions. So if you need something waterproof AND glow-in-the dark, we'll find a way (handy for all that deep-sea diving, right?) You can find hundreds of shops that sell a limited line of this or that. We just say yes. You'll find our contact form on our home page, or send us a Tweet, or leave us a message on Facebook and we can talk about your project. In the meantime we have a shop right here for instant purchases, ideas, and to showcase some of our successful lines.

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